"I feel guilty for feeling like this
I am so advantaged in life and I’m so privileged compared to others.
I don’t live in poverty nor am I abused
I am physically healthy and I have the right to an education
My family love me and I don’t live within conflict nor do I live in a warzone
Yet I still feel like shit
And I should be so grateful
For how good my life is
But all I feel right now is how a good life is being wasted on someone who would prefer not to have a life at all
And that’s just not fair
But really I just want to feel.
To feel love
To feel pain
To have ambitions
And feel attractive
Or just wanted
Even to feel sad
Because sad is healthy
What I feel now is empty and a constant need for suffering
To be good enough.
But really all I am is scared
Scared of decisions
The unknown
Of life and the future
Changes and strangers
But right now I know something
I am going to feel like this until I find peace
Weather that be in death or not
I haven’t decided that yet”
— eyebrowwhore (via eyebrowwhore)